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Stardust and Courage podcast

Mindful writing to go deeper, grow and imagine

Stardust and Courage is the podcast where we use writing, curiosity and imagination to see beyond challenges and make life more meaningful.


We’ll use visualization, guided meditations, freewriting, journaling and plenty of inspiration to reflect, write and create from the heart and spirit. Find your inner truth, tap into your intuition and glow from the inside out.


Discover the power of self-expression when you write with stardust and courage.


I’m your host, Suzanne Alyssa Andrew, and I welcome you here whether you’ve been writing prose, fiction or poetry, screenwriting or songwriting for awhile, or you’re new to writing. If you want to write, deepen and grow you’re in the right place. So get comfortable, grab a pen and let’s get started!

Suzanne Alyssa Andrew
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Hosted and produced by Suzanne Alyssa Andrew

Music by Chris Andrew

Additional music and sound consulting by Jordan Andrew

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