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Episode 6: Rewriting Scarcity Stories

Rewriting Scarcity Stories and flying money emoji

If you have scarcity stories in your head around writing and money you’re not alone and it’s not your fault! Scarcity is institutionalized in arts grants and funding systems and winner-takes-all awards. It’s in publishing and our culture, so it’s no wonder it’s in our thinking, too. But what if things could be different, or you could at least see them differently? We ask big questions in this important episode.  


Questions to ask yourself and journal about after listening to this episode:

What scarcity stories do I tell myself?

Where do these come from?

What money stories and attitudes did I learn in childhood?

What’s true for me now?

What’s possible for me now?

What’s stopping me now, and is it real?

What support and encouragement do I need to thrive?

What’s one thing I can start doing differently or thinking differently today?


Why I published this episode:

We can all go farther and thrive more when we work together as writers than when we buy into scarcity and lack narratives that are so prevalent in our industry. I wanted to share some of what I've learned about how to rewrite our scarcity stories. Sometimes it's all about perspective!

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Show notes:

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Hosted and produced by Suzanne Alyssa Andrew:

IG: @suzannealyssawriting


Music by Chris Andrew


Note: you’re listening to a friend. This podcast is not therapy or medical or financial advice. Please consult a psychotherapist, physician or other qualified professional and take care to do what’s best for you.





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