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Writing Affirmations with Suzanne sunrise

Be inspired and stay motivated with a hearty dose of encouragement

Stuck? Unmotivated? On a tight deadline? Get instant encouragement! Download my album of original short (5- to 10-minute) writing affirmations audio tracks! You’ll start writing with more ease, courage and self-compassion. Use these tracks as part of your daily writing ritual, or whenever you need a mindset boost.

See what happens when you get positive reinforcement on repeat!

What is the bundle?

Writing Affirmations Bundle track listing:

Play samples:

  • Affirmations To Write With Ease (4 minutes)

  • Positive Writing Affirmations (7 minutes)

  • Affirmations For Healing From Rejection (8 minutes)

  • One Word Expansion Affirmation (12 minutes)

  • Courage Affirmations For Speaking Up (5 minutes)

Positive Writing Affirmations
00:00 / 02:22
Write With Ease
00:00 / 01:08

Why affirmations are effective motivators:

Researchers like Kristen Neff have proven in studies that compassion is far more motivating than harsh criticism. When we repeat positive “I” statements in affirmations we practice self-compassion, flex our self-confidence and build trust in ourselves. That means affirmations aren’t cheesy or empty words! They’re reprogramming our brains for better outcomes. Try them and see if they help you write with more ease and courage.


For 25 years I’ve worked as an author, editor, story director, and university creative writing instructor as well as a coach, and what writers like you need most is the tenacity and courage to see your vision through and keep writing. My passion is helping writers like you express yourself fully.



$9.99 USD

What you get:
A digital download (one folder containing all five affirmations tracks as MP3s).

Frequently asked questions:

Are these tracks also all on the Insight Timer app?


Yes, and please note that some of these tracks are free on Insight Timer and some require a paid subscription. By purchasing these tracks directly from me you get forever access to these five files without having to play them on the app, AND you get to help support me in creating more writing resources. I appreciate your support—you’re helping me help you! What a win-win. Download the tracks now, OR follow me on Insight Timer to listen there.


How do I play the tracks once I download them?


Find the files on your computer or device and double click them to open them with your default music player (eg. Apple Music, Quicktime, Windows Media Player etc.). If the file downloads then you can't find it, check your Downloads folder or Recents folder or search for this filename: AffirmationsBundlebySuzanneAlyssaAndrew.


The folder is compressed. How do I open it?


Double click it. If you’re on a PC, right click and select “extract all.”


Who composed the background music?


My talented nephew, film composer Jordan Andrew. We’re so proud of him! I wrote, recorded and produced the rest.


The fine print


No refunds. All tracks are copyrighted. You don’t have the right to upload them anywhere. If you wish to share them with a friend please purchase them again. I appreciate your support.

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