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I'm an author, teacher and writing coach, and I help writers and creators like you to move past blocks and fears to express yourself fully in your voice, and in your power. I emphasize courage, curiosity and compassion, and ways we can all write with more ease and enjoyment. Writing doesn't have to feel hard when we're having fun! Writing can be satisfying, and help us grow.

About me


I'm the author of the novel Circle of Stones (Dundurn Press), and two books-in-progress. I'm also a contributing editor for beloved Canadian literary magazine, Taddle Creek. A former arts journalist and story director for award-winning digital TV and film co-productions and narrative games, I now teach the art and craft of telling a good story. I've taught creative writing courses at the University of Toronto and workshops for the Writers' Union of Canada, the University of British Columbia Creative Writing, Guelph University and Toronto Metropolitan University. I adore teaching and coaching writers independently. I love to encourage writers like you to dream bigger, take your ideas further, and be more daring than you ever imagined.



I'm a Ukrainian-Canadian settler and I stand for courage and compassion. I've lived on Vancouver Island, in Ottawa, and in Toronto where I worked, wrote, played bass in fun indie bands and travelled often to Montreal and New York City. After years of exploring I returned home to the west coast at the end of 2018. I now live, write and teach in Vancouver with a view of the North Shore mountains.

Suzanne Alyssa Andrew, author
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