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The Sparkle Technique
Rediscover your sparkle with this creative reset for burnout recovery, block clearing and anxiety relief. It’s an imagination boosting 8-day course.

Take a luxurious self-compassion break from busyness, judgment and negativity so you can lighten up, glow from the inside out, and revive your creative spirit. We’ll rest and use creative visualization methods to help restore your energy, light and vitality. It’s perfect for when you feel depleted, stuck or fearful, and for when you need fresh energy and perspective. Get ready to glimmer and brighten from the inside out!

5/5 STARS “This was such an amazing course. I never wanted to leave. What a beautiful journey. I will be taking it again and again.”

Robin, in Maryland

What is The Sparkle Technique?

Come join me on this quiet adventure. 
It’s set in an imaginary spa where each lesson is in a different beautiful and inspiring room in your mind’s eye. 
Here’s where you’ll go in your imagination:

  • The Quiet Tree Room

  • The Warm Pebble Pool

  • The Meadow

  • The Jewel Room

  • The Glass Elevator

  • The Crystal Room

  • The Sunrise Salon

  • Your very own Sparkle Suite

Hear a preview:
IntroductionSuzanne Alyssa Andrew
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Benefits FAQs

Dear Suzanne, my writing project is stalled and lacklustre. How can I get unstuck?

One of the foundational concepts of the course is Julia Cameron’s “refilling the well” from her book The Artist’s Way. The course is designed to spark your imagination.


Dear Suzanne, ever since the pandemic I’ve been so anxious, and not at all creative. How can I feel more myself again?

The course reconnects you with your inner resource of calm as part of the practice. I’ve had anxiety too and healing is a process. In the course I share what helped me.


Dear Suzanne, I’m burned out, stressed and I feel blah. Help!

Like a spa, the course will refuel and rejuvenate you with quiet moments of rest and inspiring reflection to help you begin to sparkle again.  


Dear Suzanne, I’m worried what I’m working on will fail, or I won’t finish. How can I relax?

Sustained enthusiasm thrives on energy and novelty. The course can give you a fresh perspective and a big dose of self-compassion to boost your confidence and see your project through.


Dear Suzanne, I’m heartbroken and my grief and disappointment seems endless. Will I ever write, dance or create again?

It’s vital to feel all your feelings to their depths AND let them move through you. The course can begin to help you feel a sense of flow again.


Dear Suzanne, my inner critic won’t shut up! What’ll reassure me?

The course shows you your inner gems and reminds you you’re here to shine. Each lesson includes positive affirmations to help quiet your inner critic.


Dear Suzanne, I feel alright and my writing is going okay, is this all I can hope for?

As Gabrielle Bernstein says, it’s good to feel good! Let’s see if the course helps you shine brighter and open up to noticing more of what’s good and even wonderful around you.


Dear Suzanne, will The Sparkle Technique help me find love?

When we practice sparkling from the inside out we’re naturally more attractive, so maybe? The course also reminds us love is already always here, within. Sometimes love is more of a remembering than an external discovery. See what the course sparks within you!

Suzanne Alyssa Andrew

5/5 stars “Really lovely, loved the visualizations and the rhythm of going through the doors past the chandelier every day to get into the practice. Will definitely revisit!” Alan, an Insight Timer member

The Sparkle Technique screenshot

How to access the course in three easy steps:

  1. Download the Insight Timer app or access it on your desktop here.

  2. If you DON’T have Member Plus sign up. If you DO have Member Plus the course is already available to you.

  3. Search for “Suzanne Alyssa Andrew” or “The Sparkle Technique” and begin. Be sure to add it to your favourites!

Sign up

What you get:

  • Eight 15-minute audio lessons, written and read by me, with original music by film composer Jordan Andrew (my nephew)

  • Each lesson leads you through the imaginary spa to a new room where we explore and reflect upon a concept to help you sparkle and glow

  • The final lesson sets you up with an individualized practice to keep sparkling

  • You can return and hear the course again anytime you need more sparkle

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What students are saying:

“Thank you Suzanne, for providing this brilliant opportunity to get my Glow On to sparkle & thrive! Blessings & gratitude to you for creating this course & having it appear at the perfect time.” LoriAnne, in Australia

“This is exactly what I needed. Thank you. My heart feels the most calm and still when I am hiking, birdwatching, and forest bathing. I have been my father's caretaker for the last 4 years. I have definitely lost touch with those things that have always helped me remain grounded and present. This reminded me that even though I may not be physically with the trees, they are still there. I just need to close my eyes. Like a rainy day, when the clouds fill the sky, the sun is still there even if it can't be seen. Thank you.” Lauren, in Boston

“I felt the tingle of the sparkling gem I need to love myself more right now, and with breathing slowly this helped with my anxiety. Thanks.” Diane D.

"I’ve been feeling very “stuck” for a long time now, so this meditation is exactly what I needed. Thank you!" Savannah S. 


“I love the concept of a spa and you brought the outside inside. It was an amazing little journey. Thank you so much.” Robin, in Maryland

$249 value for just $60 USD*

*With an Insight Timer Member Plus membership.

You’ll get access to my course, PLUS access to the entire library of courses! An amazing value!

Price varies around the world (it’s $78.99/year or $13.49/month in Canada).



I deeply appreciate your willingness to imagine and explore with me! 

If you enjoy The Sparkle Technique please rate and review it in the app.

I love hearing about your experiences, read all feedback and do my best to respond!

The Sparkle Technique is part of my annual Giving Pledge.

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