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Story Collection

I'm working on an exciting story collection about possibility! The first two stories appear in Joyland and Taddle Creek, and eight more plus a novella are in progress. These stories play with common beliefs and norms to show what might be different.

The Collectors winding road illustration

"The Collectors" story Illustration by Matthew Daley


Follow Nik on a cross-country journey in the wake of his girlfriend Jennifer's disappearance.
Their mysterious story unfolds from the perspectives of the people he meets along the way.





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Circle of Stones novel

My debut novel is an action-adventure love story that races across the country and back again.

Reviews and Press

Selected as one of the top 13 Canadian books of 2015. 

49th Shelf

Interview with Open Book Toronto 

Open Book Toronto

Canadian books about cities that inspired Circle of Stones 

49th Shelf

Featured in 49th Shelf’s Most Anticipated: 2015 Fiction Spring Preview 

49th Shelf

Featured in Education Forum's recommended list of Canadian books for students 

Education Forum

12 or 20 questions interview with poet rob mclennan 

rob mclennan's blog

A stunning mosaic, where isolated individuals are intriguingly interwined. A- rating. 

National Post Afterword Reading Society

Circle of Stones is a powerful debut, audacious for what it attempts, impressive for how well it succeeds. 

Vancouver Sun

Characters are startlingly realized in vivid, stark lines. The reader is amazed all these people… have been born from just one writer’s pen.

Pickle Me This

In Circle of Stones, Andrew has taken an innovative approach to a timeless subject. 

Quill & Quire

Circle of Stones is a quick, appealing read that, in the end, leaves us to ponder the pursuit of our own happiness. 

The Georgia Straight

Feature profile: Andrew returns to where it all began 

Campbell River Mirror

Nik is an eccentric art student obsessed with painting his dancer girlfriend, Jennifer. When one day she inexplicably disappears, Nik’s world is shattered. Determined to find her, he embarks on a cross-country journey following a scant trail of clues. He doesn’t anticipate how far he’ll have to travel, what he’ll do when he runs out of money, or the fact that an intimidating stranger is looking for Jennifer, too.

Nik and Jennifer fade into the background of their own tale, surfacing now and again like ghosts as the rest of their mysterious story unfolds through a series of chance encounters with intricately linked strangers. An English professor coping with a dying mother, a rebelious teenage girl, a debt-ridden civil servant, a disillusioned ex-anarchist documentary filmmaker, and other disparate characters who encounter the separated couple as they circle one another in a tentative dance.

Circle of Stones reveals as much about the grief and the grinding frustrations of contemporary life as it does about the pursuit of love at all costs. 

Published by Dundurn Press.

Media Downloads and Rights Information

Contact Suzanne for an up-to-date author photo or for rights inquiries.


Jessica Westhead, author

Jessica Westhead, Author

Suzanne Alyssa Andrew’s novel reveals the secret lives of the almost-invisible strangers we encounter every day—the timid elderly woman next door, the sullen street kid, the stone-faced government worker—and traces the hidden connections among them. In this enthralling, character-driven book, nobody is quite as they seem, and routine interactions have surprising layers of meaning. Andrew brings a sweet vulnerability to her unwittingly entwined protagonists, and sets a compelling mystery at the heart of it all.

Rebecca Rosenblum, author

Rebecca Rosenblum, Author

Suzanne Alyssa Andrew’s writing is sinuous, polished and deceptively simple, drawing you closer to her characters, their fears and longings, and all the mysteries they are trying to penetrate. This novel is a dragonfly’s view on a complex story of love, loss, and art, in twelve chapters. I enjoyed the shifting point of view because it makes the reading experience both exciting and challenging—as a reader, I was also a fully engaged participant in the novel, finding connections, and empathy, with and for the characters.

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