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Almost ready to go with a book-length manuscript? Need a careful and caring first reader?

Get a full manuscript evaluation plus two coaching sessions and helpful writing methods with the Manuscript Level Up!

The Manuscript Level Up with Suzanne
The Sparkle Technique

Creatively languishing? Stressed? Stuck? Just finished a project?
This self-directed practice is for you!

A 21-day creative reset for writers, artists, dreamers and entrepreneurs.


A new mini course.
Launching soon!

PS: In the spirit of creatives helping creatives, I'll graciously accept a donation to help support course development.

Melting Ice Cream

My approach to teaching writing is different!

My emphasis is on self-expression, care, compassion, and FUN!

In order to teach from a place of care and compassion, I've reflected deeply on what that means. My editorial and teaching methods offer guidance, information and reassurance. I want to challenge, motivate, empower and inspire you!

I strive to bring what author Cheryl Strayed describes as unconditional positive regard to each session.

To learn more, please read my ethical stands.

My goal is to bring out the best in every writer and help you realize your vision.

This means:

No prescriptive edits or harsh redlining!
No making assumptions: I'll ask questions!
And I use methods to limit bias.

Sensitivity experienced and trauma informed. BIPOC, LGBTQ+ and adoptee writers warmly welcomed.


Suzanne's manuscript evaluation was exactly what I needed. I had a complete first draft of a novel but I knew there were some problems and I was having trouble figuring out what to do. The evaluation gave me excellent and practical advice on my novel's structure and character arcs to help me realize my vision for the story. Suzanne also—this was important to me—told me what I was doing right.In general, working with Suzanne is great experience. You get the sense she really cares about your story and wants to help you bring it to its fullest potential. I'm currently re-drafting my novel using her recommendations to guide me. Where before I was confused and overwhelmed, now I feel good again about the direction it is taking. I highly recommend Suzanne. 
Mary Davis, 2020

"Thank you so much for such an inspiring, and for me, calming and affirming webinar."
John Degen, Executive Director, The Writers' Union of Canada, 2021

"Thanks for a terrific webinar. You gave me some exciting (and practical) ideas for getting out of what feels like a mild creative slump. Eager to get started!"
Frances Peck, 2021 (via Twitter)

"I’ve taken many different classes or conferences or seminars throughout my time as a writer and this is one of the most well organized and focused classes I’ve taken."
Eric Putzer, 2020

I feel so fortunate for Suzanne’s critique of my manuscript. Not only did she provide line-item corrections, but she laid out big-picture issues and raised key questions that have guided my revision process. In a later brainstorming session, she was generous with her time and helped me come up with some creative solutions.
Aaron Rabinowitz, 2021

"I want to express my gratitude for all your encouragement and empowerment throughout the course. You were very supportive of each person's ideas and gave guidance in such a compassionate yet professional way."

Melanie Catleugh, 2020

"Suzanne, your feedback has been incredibly helpful. It has been nice to finally put myself out there and show tiny little pieces of writing to someone else. You've given me the motivation to keep going"
Carolyn Skinner, 2020 


Sell Your Book: An Author's Guide to Publicity and Promotion

I wrote this How-to Series e-book for The Writers' Union of Canada in a workbook format to help you create your own book promotion plan step by step.

Sell Your Book: An Author's Guide to Publicity and Promotion by Suzanne Alyssa Andrew


Writing the Novel UofT Course

Writing the Novel: Introduction

If you want to write a novel, and have no idea how to start or complete a first draft, this course is for you. You’ll learn the story elements of a novel. Then you’ll plan your own book-in-progress and practice writing parts of the story in your own style. We’ll cover effective novel writing techniques and practical advice for getting a draft done. With step-by-step guidance, by the end of the course you’ll have the opening of your novel, and a personal plan to keep going. Register for my online section for the new and enhanced course.

Offered online via The School of Continuing Studies, University of Toronto

NOTE: I'm on sabbatical. Work with me one-on-one instead!

Writing the Novel II

This course continues from the introduction, with tips and techniques on how to avoid a messy middle and how to end your novel. This is also a course geared for feedback so you can get valuable insights and notes on what you've been working on. Register for my online section for the new and enhanced course.

Offered online via The School of Continuing Studies, University of Toronto

NOTE: I'm on sabbatical. Work with me one-on-one instead!