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Work with me one-on-one to plan, write and see your book through to publication and promotion! I'll help you get clear and unstuck wherever you are in the process.



Almost ready with your book-in-progress and need insights and perspective? I offer substantive editorial feedback to help you prepare for publishing.

Course Descriptions

Writing the Novel: Introduction

If you want to write a novel, and have no idea how to start or complete a first draft, this course is for you. You’ll learn the story elements of a novel. Then you’ll plan your own book-in-progress and practice writing parts of the story in your own style. We’ll cover effective novel writing techniques and practical advice for getting a draft done. With step-by-step guidance, by the end of the course you’ll have the opening of your novel, and a personal plan to keep going. Register for my online section for the new and enhanced course.

Sessions run in Fall, Winter and Spring. 

Writing the Novel II

This course continues from the introduction, with tips and techniques on how to avoid a messy middle and how to end your novel. This is also a course geared for feedback so you can get valuable insights and notes on what you've been working on. Register for my online section for the new and enhanced course.

Sessions run in Fall, Winter and Spring.


Sell Your Book: An Author's Guide to Publicity and Promotion

I wrote this How-to Series e-book for The Writers' Union of Canada in a workbook format to help you create your own book promotion plan step by step.


COMING SOON: Expressive writing courses to help you re-ignite your imagination, boost your energy and help you unclutter your mind. 


"Suzanne, your feedback has been incredibly helpful. It has been nice to finally put myself out there and show tiny little pieces of writing to someone else. You've given me the motivation to keep going"
Carolyn Skinner, 2020 

"I’ve taken many different classes or conferences or seminars throughout my time as a writer and this is one of the most well organized and focused classes I’ve taken."
Eric Putzer, 2020

"I want to express my gratitude for all your encouragement and empowerment throughout the course. You were very supportive of each person's ideas and gave guidance in such a compassionate yet professional way."

Melanie Catleugh, 2020

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