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Episode 2: Weekend Writing For The Win!

Weekend writing with stardust and a beach umbrella

This episode moves you from wanting to write to actually doing it. I share my best practical advice for taking consistent action towards your writing dreams. Then we do an easy and fun visualization to clear mental space so you can get curious, wake up your imagination, and tap into your vivid memory resources to write. See if this gentle advice and visualization combo nudges you out of procrastination and into motivation.


Go deeper! Get your free copy of my Make Time To Write Guide here.


Why I published this episode

I'm here to help make writing easier for you, and a big part of that is making sure you make time to write every week. A regular writing routine and a visualization like the one in this episode can help to blast away procrastination too.

Where to listen

(I'm slowly adding the show to various podcast directories. Search for Stardust and Courage wherever you get your podcasts and see if it's there yet!)

Show notes

Follow the show on IG: @stardustandcourage



Hosted and produced by Suzanne Alyssa Andrew:

IG: @suzannealyssawriting


Music by Chris Andrew

Enjoy the show! It's made for you with love, stardust and courage.



Note: you’re listening to a friend. This podcast is not therapy or medical advice. Please consult a psychotherapist, physician or other qualified professional and take care to do what’s best for you.



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