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Episode 1: Optimize Your Writing Brain

What happens when writers take care of their brains like musicians care for their instruments? It’s important because brain fog, anxiety and fatigue make writing harder! Find out ways to boost your brain power and make the best use of your writing time. Stick around until the end for a fun imagination activating guided practice.


Mindful writing begins with caring for your whole being: mind, body and spirit.

Why I published this episode

As a book coach I care about your whole being as a writer, not just what's on the page. I know how precious your writing time is and the tips in this episode show how to make the best use of every minute of it with your clearest thinking!

Where to listen

(I'm slowly adding the show to various podcast directories. Search for Stardust and Courage wherever you get your podcasts and see if it's there yet!)

Show notes

Follow the show on IG: @stardustandcourage



Hosted and produced by Suzanne Alyssa Andrew:

IG: @suzannealyssawriting


Music by Chris Andrew

Enjoy the show! It's made for you with love, stardust and courage.


Note: you’re listening to a friend. This podcast is not therapy or medical advice. Please consult a psychotherapist, physician or other qualified professional and take care to do what’s best for you.




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