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Soul Writing Sessions with Suzanne Alyssa Andrew

Go deeper

Dedicated, one-on-one guided support and creative energy so you can write with more clarity, courage, ease and enjoyment. Discover what you’re capable of as a writer. 

Blast past limits and open to what's possible!

What are Soul Writing Sessions with Suzanne?

This is a creative energy and passion-focussed coaching experience enabling you to:​

  • Make your writing meaningful, for you as writer, and for readers

  • Feel satisfied with, and excited by your writing!

  • Move your works-in-progress forward by energetic leaps

  • Activate your imagination in new ways

  • Blast through creative blocks and limits 

  • Expand and enjoy your writing process

  • Open to possibilities, creative solutions and breakthroughs

Soul Writing Sessions are open to writers of any genre and level. You can be a novelist stuck in the middle of your second book, a passionate reader beginning a first creative non-fiction memoir, or a poet who wants to try a new direction. Get ready to grow!

Sparklers of creative energy
What are Soul Writing Sessions?

Are Soul Writing Sessions for you?


Soul Writing Sessions are for you when you’re ready to:

  • See what you can discover, activate, heal and transform through writing when you’re gently guided in your writing practice. What creative energy wants to move through you?

  • Enjoy encouraging, energetic guidance so you can write what’s in your heart without self-criticism, or worry about what people will think.

  • Infuse your established writing practice with new creative energy so you can get unstuck and take your writing further.

  • Expand your writing process so you’re open to breakthroughs, creative solutions and fun possibilities.

  • Write with the daring boldness that will get your work noticed.


This is for you because you have something to say. The world needs your voice now, more than ever!


This is NOT for you if you’re looking for technical instruction on writing craft, grammar, book formatting or how to get published. If and when you’re seeking thorough traditional feedback on a writing project from me, please choose a Story Jam or Manuscript Level Up. Your Soul Sessions will instead focus on creative energy and the art of writing, imagination and your authentic voice. These are the valuable qualities that connect with readers.

Is this for me?

Why am I offering Soul Writing Sessions?

I’ve coached hundreds of writers as a literary editor, story director, and university creative writing instructor, and what so many writers need most is courage to see their truest visions through, and a gentle nudge to tell bigger stories from the depths of their hearts.


In countless submissions and drafts what I’ve seen over and over is a cautious straining for perfection that keeps stories safe, contained and dull. But these stories all have potential! They just need to go further.

I want to show you how you can be a memorable, trailblazing writer by having more fun on the page. What happens when you enjoy the process instead of numbing out during these challenging times? Let’s see what you’re capable of with the encouragement to write in your truest voice. 


This is the valuable creative energy and flow that gets writing noticed.

purple heart
Suzanne Alyssa Andrew

What you get

  • 4 one-on-one creative energy coaching sessions (1 hr each session)

  • 4 practice guides with writing inspiration, tools, prompts and exercises

  • energy audits on up to 40 pages of writing (10 pages per session) 

  • choose 4 focus areas from the session menu (or request your own)

  • Bonus: Visualizing Your Story audio guide

What's an energy audit?

Does your writing sing? Are you getting things down on the page in a compelling way?

An energy audit is NOT a traditional edit. It’s a very special read that looks at what sparkles on the page, and where you can go further and be more daring. It’s effective perspective on the impact your writing is making, and what’s possible.

Sometimes the best note is to know what's working.

The current Soul Writing Sessions Menu (choose 4 per package)

  • Writing from vision, energy and possibility

  • Paths to creative breakthroughs

  • Deep listening: to heart, characters and inspiration

  • Deep feeling: to explore emotions, truth and beauty

  • Innovating from the source of your greatest originality

  • Expanding through experimentation

  • Re-energizing your imagination

  • Nurturing and growing your ideas

  • Writing from truth and integrity, even in fiction

  • Clearing and amplifying your writing voice

  • Making confident creative choices

  • Using intuition, symbolism and synchronicities

  • Creating layered meaning and sharing your wisdom

  • Overcoming criticism, rejections and setbacks

  • Patience, allowing ideas to simmer and trusting the process

  • Finding and using your best creative fuel

  • Your requested topic

This menu changes and expands!

You can complete a package then start a new one to grow and challenge yourself further. 

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Introductory offer!

Invest in your writing expansion now for $999 USD. ($1200 value)

Book a free info call now and I'll set you up!

(Note: book all 4 sessions within 4 months for best results.

Weekly or bi-weekly sessions are recommended, and monthly sessions are effective too.)


No refunds and no transfers.


To sign up, Soul Writers must first participate in an info call with Suzanne to ensure you’re committed to the creative process.

GIVE BACK AS YOU LEARN! Soul Writing Sessions are part of my annual Giving Pledge.

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