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Manuscript Level Up with Suzanne

Good books take time
and care

Gift your book-in-progress with a comprehensive developmental edit, plus two valuable book coaching sessions and a query review.


After devoting so much energy to your manuscript it's easy to lose perspective. Is everything clear? Is it riveting? A page-turner? Does it deliver on your vision?

Level up your storytelling with perspective and industry insights!

I'll read your fiction or non-fiction work-in-progress with care and provide substantive editorial notes on your manuscript as a whole, from beginning to end, with attention to the middle (which is often a tricky part!). I emphasize story structure, clarity, pacing, drama, humour, suspense, character and opportunities to go further. My favourite note is "more!"



The process begins with an initial 30-page diagnostic, query review and initial book coaching session. This gives you a chance to share your vision, establish your goals,  and address writing tendencies you can go ahead and revise in your manuscript immediately. This gives us a sense of momentum!
When you're ready with a full revision I'll do the full read of the revised work.


I'll provide 3 to 5 pages of written substantive notes; PLUS comments in track changes; AND suggestions on preparing your manuscript so it's ready to send to agents and publishers.
As you read the notes please write down questions you want to ask me, and any ideas or solutions you want to run by me.


I'll host a book coaching session with you om Zoom to go over the notes, answer questions, talk through ideas and solutions, encourage and inspire you, and help you get clear on next steps.

What you get

  • an initial 30-page diagnostic plus an hour-long discussion on Zoom

  • a careful developmental edit of your full manuscript

  • 3 to 5 pages of written substantive notes plus suggestions in track changes 

  • a Zoom discussion to go over the notes and set you up for success with next steps

  • Bonus: The Level Up Commitment Boost to re-energize your enthusiasm for the story

Why start with 30 pages?

We all have writing tendencies to improve. Starting with 30 pages is a chance for you to clear those up so we can focus on bigger themes and issues in the full edit. The 30 pages also works as a valuable initial assessment so you can make a significant impact off the bat. During this phase we also get a feel for how best to work together. It's proven very effective!


Invest in your manuscript and gain valuable perspective for $3250 USD*

50% now, and 50% in 30 days.

*Canadians: ask about the Canadian discount.

There is an additional reading fee for manuscripts longer than 95K words.

Do you want to complete your detailed revision in 6 weeks?

Get 6 weekly half-hour coaching sessions to stay on track and bounce ideas off me. You'll have accountability and my support! 

Add on for $600 USD.

Please note:

A manuscript evaluation is an important part of book development and the writing process, but does not guarantee agent representation or a book deal with a publishing house. The market forces of the publishing industry are beyond our control, but there are many ways to publish a book. You're the author and you do have the power to bring your book into the world, either with a publisher or independently. In the meantime you can focus on writing the best book you can.

Reading and providing written feedback on a full manuscript takes time and energy and I appreciate your patience as I read. My goal is to provide my written feedback and schedule our Zoom meeting within 30 days of delivery of your full MS, or as agreed to and scheduled in advance.


No refunds and no transfers.


To sign up, let's chat first on a free info call so you'll have a better idea of what to expect from the process.

GIVE BACK AS YOU PROGRESS! MS Level Ups are part of my annual Giving Pledge.

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