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Define your publishing path, create an outstanding proposal, and write your book.

Make your non-fiction book idea a reality in this exclusive one-on-one program designed to accelerate your book development and writing progress, keep you accountable, and equip you with a success mindset along the way.


What is it?

Why you need book development coaching with me:

  • Traditional publisher, self-publishing or hybrid? I’ll guide you through your options and IP considerations.

  • I’ll help you plan your progress and keep you accountable so your book is a priority.

  • Together we’ll define your target readership and decide on core messaging.

  • I’ll help you strategize your book proposal to hook industry and reader attention.

  • I’ll provide feedback as you write so your messaging resonates with your target readers.

  • Every writer needs support and encouragement to overcome obstacles and keep going.

  • To complete a book project you need a success and commitment mindset, and I’ll coach you to achieve that!

Why am I offering Authorship coaching?

Plenty of people say they want to write a book, but it takes effort and dedication to make it happen. There are a million other work and life priorities that need your attention.


I wrote and published my first book by writing every Saturday. It took commitment but the pages added up, and soon I had a full manuscript, an agent and a book deal.


For 25 years I’ve worked as an author, editor, story director, and university creative writing instructor as well as a coach, and what writers need most is the tenacity and courage to see their visions through. My passion is helping writers and leaders like you to develop books and realize publishing dreams. Together we’re creating change.


I’m here to support and guide you so that book idea becomes a reality.



Picking an Orange Book

Is Authorship right for you?

 Authorship is for you if for you’re ready to:

  • Raise your profile as a leader

  • Gain credibility as an expert

  • Open doors to new speaking and media opportunities

  • Create a new revenue stream

  • Share your wisdom as a gift to the world

  • Create a meaningful and lasting legacy

Is this for me?

What you get:

  • Weekly coaching sessions to keep you on track and motivated

  • Goal and milestone setting with deadlines and accountability

  • Development editing for your core messaging, book description, title, structural strategy and proposal package (20-50 pages)

  • Support to get you started or unstuck so you can meet your targets with ease and finish your manuscript 

  • A proven, step-by-step book writing process endorsed by the UofT

  • Progress editing on a weekly or milestone basis (I'll read as you're writing and provide valuable feedback)

  • Publishing industry guidance for traditional publishing, hybrid or self-publishing across multiple formats (print, ebook, audiobook)

  • Publishing industry best practices, eg. for landing an agent or promoting an ebook

  • Resources and handouts tailored to your needs

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Get a preview of my book writing success mindset coaching:

The number one objection I hear when talking to leaders and thinkers like you is: 

"But Suzanne, I'm so busy! I don't have TIME to write a book!"

If that sounds like you, you're not alone. I'm here to share a secret about book writing, and it's that NO ONE has time to write a book! And yet more books are published every day!

Your colleagues and competitors are publishing books. The danger of you thinking "not now" is there will NEVER be a less busy time for you! I want to see YOU write and publish your book, and I'm here to show you how you can MAKE time to write your book NOW.

If you want to read about some of my most effective and proven writing time strategies, download my most popular Authorship resource!

Get my complimentary Make Time to Write Your Book Guide

And remember, one of the main benefits of working with me is I'll help you ACCELERATE your book writing progress by helping you navigate the process, step-by-step! No spending hours trying to figure it out on your own! Working with me will feel empowering and FUN!

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What my authors are saying

"Your belief in my book made all the difference, Suzanne. Your skilled editing helped me clarify, develop, rearrange, and write boldly. And then just personally now, as a writer, I feel creatively capable—beyond this one manuscript—equipped with your feedback and guidance. I love your collaborative, supportive approach, and am so grateful for the difference you've made in this book and those to come. I'll make sure I'm fortunate enough to work with you again."

Katie Lewis, 2022 

“Working with Suzanne is great experience. You get the sense she really cares about your story and wants to help you bring it to its fullest potential. Where before I was confused and overwhelmed, now I feel good again about the direction it is taking. I highly recommend Suzanne." 
Mary Davis, 2020


Invest in your book development.

Three pricing options are available.


I take on a very limited number of authors a year because I'm committed to providing the highest calibre of devoted coaching and energy. This is exclusive so you get more value.

Authorship is part of my annual Giving Pledge.

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