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Listen To The Stardust And Courage Podcast

Mindful writing with stardust and Suzanne

I'm SO EXCITED to launch my podcast and finally get to share it with you! Stardust and Courage is the podcast where we use writing, curiosity and imagination to see beyond challenges and make life more meaningful. It's mindful writing to go deeper, grow and imagine, and I hope it inspires you and fuels your creativity.

The first three episodes are live now!

Coming up next! (Subscribe so you don't miss these episodes)

Episode 4: Writing Lessons From RuPaul's Drag Race

Episode 5: Overcoming Writing Scarcity Stories

PLUS Interviews with some of your favourite authors starting later this summer (I'll be putting my old journalism skills to good use!)

Where to listen and subscribe

(I'm slowly adding the show to various podcast directories. Search for Stardust and Courage wherever you get your podcasts and see if it's there yet!)

How to support and participate in the show

I need your help to grow the audience for the show, and bring you better and better episodes! I'll be so very grateful when you do one or more of these things:

  1. Subscribe to the show wherever you listen to your podcasts

  2. Listen to episodes

  3. Give the show a five-star review so others can find it

  4. Share the show with your friends

  5. Follow the show on IG @stardustandcourage

  6. Email me with a writing question or dilemma and I might answer it on a special upcoming Dear Suzanne episode

Show credits

Hosted and produced by Suzanne Alyssa Andrew

Music by Chris Andrew (my talented brother)

Additional music and sound consulting by Jordan Andrew (my talented nephew)

Enjoy the show! It's made for you with love, stardust and courage.



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