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Befriend Your Inner Critic

Updated: Jul 4, 2023

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Hello lovely!

Have you ever had a stellar writing session where words are flowing and everything feels good—only to look at what you wrote the next day and have all kinds of negative (or even harsh!) thoughts about it?

How can the same piece of writing go from inspired to insipid dreck overnight without changing a thing?

Often times, just when things are going well, our inner critics pop up. The inner critic is a voice in your head, an instinct, or sometimes a habit or learned behaviour that tries to keep you safe. They love to point out risks and vulnerability, and sometimes that does save us from potential embarrassment. It’s just that for many writers our inner critics are on blast, shouting over our dreams, and interrupting our writing! Rude!

Sure, all writing can be edited. No draft is ever perfect. But our purpose as writers is to keep telling stories the best ways we know how. To keep learning and trying, tinkering and experimenting.

I believe your writing deserves to be visible and read. You’re reading this because you have something to say. So let me show you ways your inner critic might be draining your creative energy away!

Find out how you can notice when your inner critic shows up and begin to befriend it, by taking my Inner Critic Quiz. It might make the difference between a draft that stalls out and a finished one. It might enable you to take your ideas further.


The Inner Critic Quiz


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