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The inner critic is a voice in your head, an instinct, or sometimes a habit or learned behaviour that tries to keep you safe. For a lot of writers it’s on blast, shouting over our dreams, and interrupting our writing! Rude!


Take the quiz to notice ways your inner critic might be draining your creative energy away. Be sure to click results for tips on how you can write with more ease and enjoyment!

Is your inner critic derailing your writing practice?

How satisfied are you with your writing practice?Very dissatisfiedA bit dissatisfiedPretty satisfiedSatisfiedVery satisfiedHow satisfied are you with your writing practice?
When you want to and choose to write you:
When you write you:
When you finish your writing session for the day you:
When you talk about your writing you:
How open are you to setting writing goals and/or talking to a writing coach about how you’re going to overcome obstacles and fulfill your dreams?

What's an inner critic?

Inner critic glasses
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