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Stardust and Courage

Mindful writing to go deeper, grow and imagine

About me

Hello! I'm Suzanne Alyssa Andrew, an author, writing instructor and the host of the Stardust and Courage podcast. I help writers like you to move past blocks and fears to express yourself fully in your voice, and in your power.


I emphasize courage, curiosity and compassion, and ways we can all write with more ease and enjoyment. Writing doesn't have to feel hard when we're having fun! Writing can be satisfying, and help us grow.

I'm here to help writers go deeper, grow and imagine. A big part of that is encouragement and empowerment. 

Suzanne Alyssa Andrew, author
The Sparkle Technique


Get a glow up for your mind and spirit by taking my course, The Sparkle Technique. Rediscover your sparkle with this creative reset for burnout recovery, block clearing and anxiety relief.

Or, learn more about my teaching approach and philosophy and why leading from compassion makes it different.


Book Coaching

Transform your writing practice with encouragement, support and valuable perspective. Choose my Authorship Book Development package for ongoing, dedicated one-on-one coaching (3 months or more). Or get an infusion of energy and enthusiasm along with exciting insights when you Story Jam with me.

My coaching methodology is heart-centred, backed by neuroscience and informed by my instructor/mentor training at the University of Toronto. I'd love to help make your book dreams come true!

Authorship Book Development
StoryJam with Suzanne

"The Collectors" story Illustration by Matthew Daley

The Collectors illustration by Matthew Daley

My writing practice

My writing is an invitation for readers to see things in a new way. It's about expansiveness and solutions beyond the obvious. I love to play with perspective to show what might be different, and what’s possible. My novel, Circle of Stones, is an action-adventure love story that races across the country. Read stories from my forthcoming story collection.

"The Collectors" story Illustration by Matthew Daley

Praise for Circle of Stones

Quill & Quire

An innovative approach to a timeless subject.

Vancouver Sun

A powerful debut, audacious for what it attempts, impressive for how well it succeeds.

The Georgia Straight

Equal parts suspense and adventure.

National Post

A stunning mosaic.

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