Circle of Stones is an action-adventure love story.

My debut novel is an action-adventure love story that races across the country and back again.

Quill & Quire

An innovative approach to a timeless subject.

Vancouver Sun

A powerful debut, audacious for what it attempts, impressive for how well it succeeds.

The Georgia Straight

Equal parts suspense and adventure.

National Post

A stunning mosaic.



My story The Collectors was accepted by Taddle Creek magazine. Available soon!


Watch for new writing courses arriving in 2021! My next novel writing courses via the UofT start in fall. 


I'm busy working on books but browse the archive of published articles

New Works

Watch for news about my latest novel soon! Plus a new story will appear in Taddle Creek magazine.


I'm an author and I teach writing courses the way I wish I'd been taught: with an emphasis on self-expression, curiosity, care, kindness, and above all, FUN.

My first novel is Circle of Stones (Dundurn Press, 2015). I now have three other books at various stages of completion. I've performed my work at literary readings and festivals across Canada. My short stories, articles and essays have appeared in The Walrus, Hazlitt, Joyland, Quill & Quire, NOW Magazine, Canada's Walk of Fame Commemorative Magazine, Canadian Art and elsewhere. I'm a contributing editor for beloved literary magazine Taddle Creek and I've written for and produced award-winning digital TV and film co-productions and narrative games. I also teach writing classes and workshops and am available for panels and talks. 


I grew up on Vancouver Island and studied journalism and literature in Ottawa. Then I lived in Toronto where I worked, wrote, played bass in fun indie bands and traveled often to Montreal and New York City. After years of exploring I returned home to the west coast at the end of 2018. I now live and write in Vancouver with a view of the North mountains. 

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Book cover: Natalie Olsen

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