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Why I'm Launching A Podcast

Have you ever felt like there’s something more or different you need to be doing? You might feel it in your body as an ache, hollow or longing. And no amount of massage therapy, food or socializing will satisfy. The more you avoid it the worse you feel. The only thing that helps is embracing the thing—maybe it’s writing a book, joining a band, learning to paint, traveling the world or something else. When you tune in and listen to your heart you always know what’s calling you.

My favourite review of my first novel called it audacious, which I LOVED! Audacity is the boldness I’ve always aspired to, even as a quiet introvert. But lately anxiety’s been holding me back.


In life we often cycle between expansion and contraction, and after languishing in an extra long post pandemic anxiety slump I’m finally reaching for something new.


It’s taken some magical stardust to see my way out of the safe little box I parked myself in when the world locked down, and a great deal of courage to change.


Now I’m excited to share with you that very soon I’m launching a podcast for writers like you.


Stardust and Courage is the podcast where we use writing, curiosity and imagination to see beyond challenges and make life more meaningful. It’s mindful writing to go deeper, grow and imagine, and it’s launching on Apple Podcasts, Spotify and YouTube at the end of May/early June. Listen to the trailer.


It’s something I’ve been working on for months! I was in podcast school learning tech from January through March, then I got gear, worked on branding and redesigned my website in April. I’ve also spent two weeks rehearsing because I knew my earliest efforts were going to be a hot mess. (Hot tip: when filming, look at the green light NOT your own face, or your eyes will look weird!)


I’m still learning, and waiting for a new tripod to arrive (so much gear!), but every time I’m in my studio rehearsing, a little more anxiety releases. It’s FUN to be a journalist again in a new medium, and I adore teaching and sharing what I’ve learned.


When you do the thing you need to be doing your heart sings.


With stardust and courage,




PS: The podcast is an extension of my teaching and coaching. I still have a few summer coaching spots available if you join the wait list now.


PPS: Want to be a special part of the Stardust and Courage podcast? Donate to my production fund. I’m saving up for a better camera.



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