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Write With More Ease and Flow

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Dear dedicated and imaginative ones,

Have you ever approached a writing session thinking, “writing is hard,” “this revision is going to take forever,” or “this deadline is going to kill me!”?

How did that go?

What happens in our bodies when we brace for the worst is tension: our necks are rigid; our shoulders go up; we grind our teeth and hold our wrists and hands like gargoyle claws on the keyboard. Maybe our backs start to hurt. Perhaps our breathing is shallow. The writing session becomes far more grueling than it needs to be.

Or, we procrastinate to avoid feeling bad, only to feel worse when we end up behind schedule.

When I was a hustling copywriter and journalist in my 20s and 30s I rode out the tension I brought to the page for the payoffs. When I met tough deadlines I earned appreciation and paycheques. I also never grew tired of the thrill of seeing my articles published.

But not only was this pushy approach unsustainable over the long term, it also didn’t work at all for my fiction writing.

It’s tough to be creative when we’re bound up in taut knots. Creative energy flows when we’re loose and playful. That’s why actors shake it out before they go onstage. Musicians nod their heads and tap their feet to the beat. Animals shake their bodies too.

Being in your body is a good tool for all writers. It’s surprising how many creative problems can be solved with a brisk walk around the block. (Or by doing whatever gets you moving!)

Jedi mind tricks work too. Instead of approaching writing thinking it’s hard, try getting curious about what will make each writing session more fun. If you need help with this process, talk to me about coaching. I’m also a new teacher on Insight Timer, where you can find my free guided audio tracks on how to write with ease.

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