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Make Time to Write

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Here’s a conundrum to ponder: will there ever be a less busy time in your life to write your book? What if I were to tell you that you DO have time to write your book, even when things are hectic?

Here’s a secret: no one has time to write a book. AND STILL, books are published every day!

That’s because published authors decide to write a book and then make time in their busy schedules to write. You can write your book with 20 minutes a day, or two hours every morning. Some authors write on weekends. Some get up early to write, and some are night owls writing when everyone else is sleeping. Author Cheryl Strayed loves writing in bursts, often booking herself into hotels for two or four days of intense productivity at a time. Almost any configuration of hours spent can work.

My point is that to write a book you have to take ACTION.

It’s not going to magically happen. The book writing process is more like training for a marathon than it is about waiting for inspiration, or any one perfect moment. The ideal time to write a book is now (and again tomorrow, and the days after that). Inspiration and motivation show up within a habitual and regular writing practice. Once you make writing a habit, inspiration and motivation will know when and where to find you!

Get my Make Time to Write Guide

I’ve created a complimentary guide for you! It shows you how to create a writing practice that works for you and your life, so you can see your book through to completion. You’ll also identify your unique power hours, and create a writing schedule to follow. As your book coach what I want for you is the triumph of finishing your manuscript. Let’s set you up for success! Download the Make Time to Write Guide


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