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Introducing The Sparkle Technique Course

The Sparkle Technique is a glow up for your mind and spirit

This audio course experience takes you to an imaginary spa where each lesson is in a different beautiful and inspiring room in your mind’s eye. There are seven rooms to reflect and practice in, and at the end I’ll show you how to design your very own sparkle suite where you can sparkle all the time.


This course is a luxurious glow up for your mind and spirit. Come join me on this quiet adventure. We’ll use creative visualization to help restore your energy, light and vitality so you can start glowing again from the inside out.


Here are the mind spa rooms you’ll visit in your imagination during the course:

The Quiet Tree Room

The Warm Pebble Pool

The Meadow

The Jewel Room

The Glass Elevator

The Crystal Room

The Sunrise Salon

Your very own Sparkle Suite


Take the course now on Insight Timer it's just $78.99 and that gives you access to the entire Insight Timer library for a full year! (Or pay $13.49/month.)


You can do the whole eight-day course with just 15-minutes a day over the holidays and feel re-energized to write in January! Gift your writing with this valuable refresh!


What students are saying (amazing feedback already as the course went live a day ago from when I'm writing this!):


“Thank you Suzanne, for providing this brilliant opportunity to get my Glow On to sparkle & thrive! Blessings & gratitude to you for creating this course & having it appear at the perfect time.” LoriAnne, in Australia


“I just completed lesson 1. This is exactly what I needed. Thank you. My heart feels the most calm and still when I am hiking, birdwatching, and forest bathing. I have been my father's caretaker for the last 4 years. I have definitely lost touch with those things that have always helped me remain grounded and present. This lesson reminded me that even though I may not be physically with the trees, they are still there. I just need to close my eyes. Like a rainy day, when the clouds fill the sky, the sun is still there even if it can't be seen. Thank you. I look forward to lesson 2.” Lauren, in Boston


I hope you sparkle with me! Take the course now on Insight Timer

With glitter and glow,




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