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How to Heal from Rejection (Without Getting Down on Yourself)

Rejection is an unavoidable part of living a creative, purpose-driven life. It can be hard to face, but there's a way to process it without despairing or self-sabotaging. I'm pleased to share everything I know about healing rejection, and present my essay, How to Heal from Rejection Without Getting Down on Yourself, which was published in Tiny Buddha.

Here are four ways you can apply it to your writing or creative work right now:

  1. When you're disappointed in your efforts self soothe. It's so important to process those feelings so you aren't derailed and can keep writing and creating (see examples of effective self soothing in the article above).

  2. Remember self-soothing takes less time than endless rumination, self-sabotage or shutting down. Use that time to send your work out again or self-publish it. (Full disclosure: I first submitted this essay to The New York Times Modern Love feature, and got a lovely personal note of rejection from the editor himself. I then gave the piece a few weeks, fine tuned it and got a YES! from Tiny Buddha within a day.)

  3. Listen to one of my guided writing meditations.

  4. Keep writing and creating! It may feel good to start something new.

With effusive encouragement,



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