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Your Writing Isn't as Boring as You Think!

Updated: Aug 11, 2023

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Hello illustrious and dedicated one!

Want to know one of the most consistent and deep fears writers have confessed to me in classes and coaching sessions? It’s this:

I’m afraid what I wrote is boring!

Sometimes what writers actually mean is, “I’m bored of this writing project I’ve been revising forever.”

I know this well because in the final round of edits on my first novel, my super smart editor saved me from making a drastic, and unnecessary, cut to the first chapter. And that chapter went on to become one of the most beloved and discussed sections of the book. I had solved the problems in it and perceived it as boring, but it wasn’t boring to readers experiencing it for the first time.

So, the first creative solution to the “is it boring?” conundrum is to get reader feedback. Perspective on your story from outside the realm of your own imagination is valuable!

The second creative solution is to look at where your writing can be more daring, and throw in some action, drama or humour. Maybe your character gets something wrong. Maybe you veer off outline for a scene and see what else can happen that’s fun, fast or furious.

When you entertain yourself with your writing that energy will energize your readers, too. You’re creating fun and sharing it, which is as noble a task as any, especially when you’re conveying something meaningful along the way.

That’s how I wrote my art heist story, “The Collectors,” which was published by Taddle Creek. I set out with a situation: two thieves want to liberate a painting. Then I gave them twists and surprises, keeping the characters in motion to the end. Read the story and see if you find it as entertaining to read as I did writing it!

If you’re wrestling with the “is it boring?” conundrum on a writing project and need perspective, get in touch now.

Yours in action! Drama! Humour! (And valuable perspective!)



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