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Create From Your Future Self

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What advice would your IDEAL future self give to you right now?

I recently attended a retreat to learn about how to teach and coach using visioning techniques. I love that visualizing success is backed by science as effective. I’ve also gathered plenty of anecdotal evidence for it from when I used to interview artists, authors and luminaries in my journalism practice. (Skating Olympiads Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir told me they worked with sports psychologists to visualize winning gold).

There’s a secret to it that’s especially effective for writers that I’ll share with you: make it more than idle fantasy. Make it active. So instead of navigating your writing practice from the past, what would happen if you embody future you?

This is a new way to move beyond mistakes, bad habits and worn out patterns!

Let me give you an example! Think of a bad writing habit or pattern, like avoiding your writing, procrastinating, letting rejections get to you, or starting but not finishing projects. Beating yourself up about your bad habit or trying to fix it using an old frustration story (ie. “why can’t I ever x?”) can keep you stuck in a loop.

Writing from your ideal future self instead encourages the best of you to lead. Your best writer self tells a new story—one where you prioritize your writing, finish drafts, make progress, learn from rejection, and ask for writing support when you need it!

Who is your ideal future self and how does their writing practice look and feel?

Want help goal setting or visualizing writing success?

Book a coaching session with me and I’ll talk you through it. I’m also happy to follow up with you in a month or two to keep you accountable! Let’s set you up for a prolific writing year! XOXO S


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