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I used to think affirmations were silly. It didn’t help that they’re often a punchline in movies and TV (why do screenwriters make fun of characters trying to believe in themselves? Because of their own insecurities?). But then I noticed whenever I took a course I adored the support and encouragement the most. The world’s top CEOs pay top dollar for the same thing and call it executive coaching!

I LOVE encouraging writers and creatives in my roles as a book coach and instructor. AND part of what I’m here for is to empower you. We don’t always have to outsource feeling good (or at least better) about our writing and ourselves. Affirmations give us instant access to encouragement when we need it most.

Why affirmations are effective writing motivators:

Researchers like Kristen Neff have proven in studies that compassion is far more motivating than harsh criticism. When we repeat positive “I” statements in affirmations we practice self-compassion, flex our self-confidence and build trust in ourselves. That means affirmations aren’t cheesy or empty words! They’re reprogramming our brains for better outcomes.

Want to hear some? Download my new Writing Affirmations Bundle!

My most popular guided writing meditations tracks on Insight Timer are always affirmations. I bundled up the best ones and made them available on my website to give you forever access to five affirmations MP3s I wrote and produced. Try them and see if they help you write with more ease and courage.

The key to using affirmations effectively is to find statements and phrases that resonate for you. I hope my Writing Affirmations Bundle helps you find a few lines that light you up and can help lead you forward.

With effusive encouragement,



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