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A Dose of Writing Courage

My friends,

It takes courage to be a stand-out vivid and daring writer because we need to take risks, be vulnerable, and keep going despite challenges and rejection.

I define courage as taking the action, best aligned with your integrity, that you would in the absence of fear. One of the best resources I’ve read on this is the book Integrity by Martha Beck (you know it’s good when it’s blurbed by Elizabeth Gilbert!).

Writing in the absence of fear might look like:

· Writing about something you’ve never told anyone before

· Asking your inner critic to pipe down while you write

· Taking an idea further than you ever thought possible

· Delving deeper into meaning, complexity and emotion

· Writing truths without worrying what people will think

· Showing your writing to first readers

· Being open to feedback you know will make your writing clearer

· Taking the time to think your story ideas through and edit carefully

· Submitting your best work

· Knowing rejection is something to learn from

· Asking for help and perspective when you’re not sure what a story needs next

Writing with courage is about persevering, speaking from your wisdom and integrity, and standing up to injustice. And we’re most courageous when we remember we’re in this together, as a community of writers and readers.

I’m always here to encourage you,



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