Story Jam with Suzanne!


Fiction writers: Not sure if the short stories you're working on need more zing? Need help with a novel's plot strategy? Trying to focus an opener, demystify a messy middle or write a satisfying ending? Or perhaps you need help unpacking and applying an agent or editor's feedback. Maybe your story ran out of steam and needs an infusion of fresh energy, and FUN. Or, you might need a careful and compassionate first reader on part of a new project.


I can help you with your specific project concerns no matter what stage of the process you're in. Book a Story Jam with me for a book coaching session PLUS developmental editing feedback on a section of what you're working on. The valuable notes you receive will be tailored to your specific and unique writing goals and dreams.


  • Developmental editing: substantive notes on any 30 pages of your work-in-progress in track changes, plus summarized in an overview letter.

  • Book coaching: an hour-long coaching and synthesis session on Zoom to talk through the notes, possibilities, solutions, your goals and your next steps.

$400 USD* per session

Need a full edit?
Get an MS Level Up!



All fiction writers need support! Get one-on-one coaching tailored to you to help you move forward and keep going in pursuit of your writing dreams. This may include:

  • answers to your writing and publishing questions

  • support for the writing project(s) you’re working on

  • courage building and dream boosting

  • ways to get unstuck, move forward and complete projects

  • finding your unique writing voice and vision

  • writing craft and technique tips and tricks

  • support for establishing a regular writing practice

  • achievable milestone and goal creation

  • rejection reframing and recovery

  • creating your own pathways to writing success


  • An hour-long coaching session on Zoom to talk through what you need help on.

  • Effective creative strategies to support your goals and vision.

  • An email check-in to encourage your progress.

  • A free copy of The Sparkle Technique to boost your writing energy.

$200 USD* per session